Week 3 Newsletter

In your box: --Garlic scapes --Green onions --Head lettuce, “Red Romaine” --Kale, “Red Russian” --Salad mix --Strawberries First of all, I just wanted to remind everyone that our produce delivery will go on as normally scheduled during this holiday week. The 4th of July doesn't really come at a great time for vegetable farmers—but then, … Continue reading Week 3 Newsletter

Week 2 Newsletter

June 23rd and 25th In your box: --Garlic scapes --Green onions --Head lettuce, “Grandpa Admire” --Salad mix --Spinach --Strawberries --Turnips Over the past weekend, I started pondering the idea that perhaps the weather this growing season was no longer perfect. We had received just half an inch of rain over the past two weeks, and … Continue reading Week 2 Newsletter

Week 1 Newsletter

June 16th and 18th In your box: --Bok choy --Chard --Head lettuce, “Red Romaine” --Rhubarb --Salad mix --Spinach Welcome to our 2015 growing season! We are grateful for your support as we launch our seventh growing season. We hope you enjoy the experience—may you try something new, be a little brave when necessary, and perhaps … Continue reading Week 1 Newsletter