Week 3 Newsletter

In your box: --Baby beet greens --Garlic scapes --Head lettuce, “Grandpa Admire” or “Red Romaine” --Komatsuna --Salad Mix --Strawberries --Turnips In accordance with the rules of my union, I am only allowed to complain about mosquitoes in newsletter for once during the whole season. I hate to use up my chance so early in the … Continue reading Week 3 Newsletter

Week 2 Newsletter

In your box: --Garlic scapes --Head lettuce, “Grandpa Admire” --Kale --Radishes --Salad Mix --Scallions --Strawberries Happy summer solstice! Of course, this means that the we are already starting to lose daylight. Our days will start getting shorter and shorter until December, so basically summer is already over and winter is right around the corner. I … Continue reading Week 2 Newsletter

Week 1 Newsletter

In your box: --Arugula --Head lettuce, “Red Romaine” --Komatsuna --Radishes --Rhubarb --Spinach Welcome to our 2016 growing season! We are so grateful for your support as we kick off our eighth season of growing here at Fox and Fawn Farm. Once again this year, all of our farm income comes exclusively from our CSA program … Continue reading Week 1 Newsletter