Week 6 Newsletter

In your box: --Basil –Beans --Carrots --Head lettuce or salad mix --Napa Cabbage --Summer squash --Sweet onion We're already through the first third of the CSA season, and unless I'm mistaken I've somehow written five newsletters without mentioning the weather. That's mostly because the weather has been....good. Actually really good. We've missed the 11” of … Continue reading Week 6 Newsletter

Week 5 Newsletter

In your box: --Chard –Fennel --Kohlrabi --Parsley --Salad Mix --Summer squash --Sweet onion or scallions This week we had a great harvest of summer squash as we look to make up for overall lackluster production the last two years. It's hard to find a good balance with squash—plant too many and we'd be totally overwhelmed … Continue reading Week 5 Newsletter

Week 4 Newsletter

In your box: --Baby beet greens --Bok choy --Garlic scapes --Kale, “Red Russian” --Salad Mix --Scallions --Turnips or summer squash   Somewhere in rural Carver County, likely within a mile of Fox and Fawn Farm, rests a deer with exquisite taste. No hum-drum garden fare for him—not baby beets, a fine salad mix, flowers, or … Continue reading Week 4 Newsletter


Ingredients 1 bunch chard, kale, or beet greens 1 bunch scallions or one or one sweet onion garlic (however much suits your fancy) ½ c. Monterey Jack cheese ¼ c. grated Parmesan cheese 4 eggs 1 TB flour ½ c. cottage cheese pinch pepper, nutmeg and dill 9-inch pie crust Directions Preheat the oven to … Continue reading Quiche