Week 16 Newsletter

In your box: --Cherry tomatoes or ground cherries --Garlic, “Killarney Red” --Komatsuna --Lettuce, “Crisp Mint” --Onion --Potatoes, “Kennebec” --Sweet pepper --Winter squash, “Delicata” Full shares: Buttercup squash Every fall, our family marks the beauty of the autumn harvest with a hay wagon ride out to our field to bring in our crop of winter squash, … Continue reading Week 16 Newsletter

Week 15 Newsletter

In your box: --Beets --Broccoli --Cabbage --Celery --Kale, “Red Russian” --Parsley --Summer squash or cucumber --Tomatoes For the past few weeks we've been enjoying an incredible migration of Painted Lady butterflies. I'm not sure why the population has been so sizeable this year, but it seems to have something to do with perfect weather conditions … Continue reading Week 15 Newsletter

Week 14 Newsletter

In your box: --Bok Choy --Broccoli --Cucumber --Garlic, “Purple Glazer” --Lettuce --Potatoes, “Yukon Gold” --Summer squash --Red onion (also a storage onion to full shares) --Tomatoes Even though the temperatures still make it feel like summer, it's definitely beginning to look like fall in the gardens. Every time I harvest a bed of lettuce, dig … Continue reading Week 14 Newsletter