Week 19 Newsletter

In your box: --Brussels sprouts --Carrots --Celeriac --Garlic --Leeks or kale --Salad mix --Winter squash, “Acorn” --Winter squash, “Butternut” Full shares: Buttercup squash Welcome to your last box of fresh produce for this growing season! As we basked in the sun all weekend and enjoyed temperatures in the 70's, it certainly didn't feel like it's … Continue reading Week 19 Newsletter

Week 17 Newsletter

In your box: --Arugula --Brussels sprouts --Celery --Decorative gourds --Napa Cabbage --Lettuce, “Crisp Mint” --Potatoes, “Kennebec” --Pie pumpkin Full shares: Spaghetti squash This week has been a muddy mess here on the farm, as we've tallied several days of rain and some impressive thunderstorms. Overall we've had just under five inches of rain, making this … Continue reading Week 17 Newsletter