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The Farmers

Farmer Red with scythe

Farmer Red with scythe

Tim “Red” Kirkman hails from Royal Oak, Michigan, just north of Detroit.  In high school, he was voted “most likely to succeed,” which was proved true in October 2011 when he successfully leapt off of a tractor just seconds before it exploded…  Red double-majored in English and Philosophy at Hope College in Holland, MI, where he studied abroad in England and India and fell in love with his wife, Nina.  Red worked for two years as a counselor in wilderness therapy programs in New York and Utah before deciding to put his college degrees to good use as, naturally, an organic farmer.  After working as an intern on farms in Wisconsin and Minnesota for three years, Red and Nina launched Fox and Fawn Farm in 2009.  Red earned notoriety as the first human being to ever consume a whole giant kohlrabi in one day (November 8, 2009) and the first organic farmer to ever read Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and War and Peace in the course of one growing season (summer 2010).  Red’s many talents include cutting things with a scythe, playing the banjo, shelling beans, and playing capture the flag.

Nina with carrots

Nina Marie Healy Kirkman was born in Cambridge, MN, and lived briefly in St. Paul before moving to Northfield, MN, where she lived for 18 years.   Nina also attended Hope College, where she earned a degree in teaching with a science composite.  After graduation, Nina taught for two years in Westcliffe, CO, where she taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science, Health and Gym and was a co-director for the middle school play and coached volleyball (despite never having played herself).  In 2007, she and Red married in Northfield and moved back to the midwest, eventually settling in New Germany.  During the school year, Nina teaches 8th grade Earth science in Chaska’s Pioneer Ridge Middle School.  But as soon as school lets out, Nina is a weeding- and picking-machine on the farm.  Nina once harvest 127 pounds of strawberries in one day!  Her many talents include playing violin, writing plays, gazing thru her telescope, hopping around, and baking pancakes on Saturday mornings.

Henry the farm dog

Henry (aka John Henry Ford) is the farm dog.  His responsibilities include chasing after the mailman, bringing mud from the fields into the house, and scaring off bunnies.  Now five years old, Henry is a Australian Shepherd/Irish Setter mix.  When we first brought him home, in June of 2009, his first action was to bite a bean plant and rip the whole plant out of the ground.  He also enjoys stealing beets, broccoli, Red’s straw hat, and peppers (although he hasn’t had one since he accidentally ate a VERY hot pepper instead of a sweet one).

Our son Nathan was born in February of 2012.  He doesn’t really help on the farm.  But he takes a nice picture.

Nathan on the hay wagon

Nathan on the hay wagon

Just me and the missus



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