Week 10 Newsletter

In your box: --Basil --Carrots --Cucumbers --Eggplant or cherry tomatoes --Head lettuce --Summer Squash --Sweet onion --Sweet pepper --Tomatoes This week finds us just past halfway through our growing season this year. After such horrible growing conditions in the spring, we've been rewarded with one of the best summers I can remember. We've had enough … Continue reading Week 10 Newsletter

Week 9 Newsletter

In your box: --Beans or eggplant --Beets --Cucumbers --Kale --Head lettuce --Summer Squash --Sweet onion --Sweet pepper --Tomatoes This week marks the unofficial start of the peak of tomato season, a glorious stretch of three or four weeks where every meal, passing car and visitor are in danger of being smothered in fresh tomatoes from … Continue reading Week 9 Newsletter

Week 8 Newsletter

In your box: --Beans --Broccoli --Carrots --Chard --Cucumbers --Eggplant or Cherry tomatoes --Escarole --Green Onions --Summer Squash --Tomatoes I wanted to start with a plug for the 14th annual Garlic Festival, coming up this Saturday in Hutchinson. Full disclosure: yes, I am on the planning committee. And yes, I really love garlic. This is a … Continue reading Week 8 Newsletter

Week 7 Newsletter

In your box: --Basil --Beans --Broccoli --Cucumbers --Green Onions --Head Lettuce --Potatoes, “Yukon Gold” --Summer Squash --Tomatoes At this point I think I should formally apologize for all of the mean things I said about Minnesota weather back in the spring. The mild, dry weather we enjoyed all of last week has continued through this … Continue reading Week 7 Newsletter