Week 8 Newsletter

In your box: BasilBeans (half shares)BroccoliCabbageCucumberEndive Frisee (full shares)Head LettuceSummer squashGreen OnionsTomato Farm News Growing up, August was always an angsty month for me. Summer was slowly receding into the rearview mirror, and up ahead was another year of school I was already dreading. I was always anxious about returning to school, and so when … Continue reading Week 8 Newsletter

Week 7 Newsletter

In your box: BeetsBroccoliCabbageCucumberCherry tomatoes (Full shares) or Juliet grape tomatoes (halves)Endive FriseeSummer squashSweet OnionTomato Farm News Over the past week we’ve harvested all of our garlic crop for the year–about 1500 bulbs. The garlic looks pretty good overall, and it will be ready for your boxes once it dries out for 2-3 weeks. It’s … Continue reading Week 7 Newsletter

Week 6 Newsletter

In your box: BroccoliCucumberFennelHead lettuceKale, “Red Russian”Salad mixSnap PeasSummer squashSweet Onion Farm News Thanks to everyone who made it to the farm last Saturday for the Eat Local Co-op Farm Tour! About 85 people braved the humidity and deerflies for a day of exploring the farm and building community around local foods. We are still … Continue reading Week 6 Newsletter