Week 6 Newsletter

In your box: --Beets --Broccoli --Cucumber --Head Lettuce --Napa cabbage --Red currants --Red onion --Summer Squash Last week's heat wave and relentless humidity were not a bit of fun to work in, and I had to limit myself to basically working all morning and cooling off all afternoon. Everything in the garden really seemed to … Continue reading Week 6 Newsletter

Week 3 Newsletter

In your box: --Fennel --Garlic scapes --Green onions --Head Lettuce (mostly “Webb's Wonderful”) --Kohlrabi --Turnips --Salad mix --Spinach With the 4th of July this week, we're at the height of mid-summer. Pontoons are launching into lakes with slices of kohlrabi for everyone on board. Beachgoers munch on fennel fronds as they soak up the rays. … Continue reading Week 3 Newsletter

Week 2 Newsletter

In your box: –Bok Choy --Head Lettuce (“Grandpa Admire”) --Kale (“Red Russian”) --Radishes --Salad mix --Spinach --Strawberries (full shares) --Kale Pesto This week's box is nearly identical to the box you received last week, but it does look like we should have some new offerings coming ready next week once we finally get some summer … Continue reading Week 2 Newsletter