May Update

Hi everyone, I have tried extensively and exhaustingly to compose this CSA update without complaining about the weather, but in the end it's simply not possible. The weather is awful. May has been a month the ceaseless rain, cold temperatures, frost (!) on May 20th, complete lack of sunshine, and an absurd amount of mud. … Continue reading May Update

April Update

Hi everyone-- Just wanted to check in with a progress report as we flip the calendar from a very wet April to a May that we all hope will bring some more sunshine!Even with the cloudy and cool weather we've had lately, I've been busy getting things ready for the season.  Our greenhouse is nearly … Continue reading April Update

March CSA Update

Hi everyone, Just wanted to check in with an an update as the farm season quickly moves upon us. The mountains of snow that seemed invincible just a couple of weeks ago have rapidly melted down to random piles of dirty ice, allowing the sun to finally reach through to our garden fields and begin … Continue reading March CSA Update

Week 19 Newsletter

In your box: --Brussels sprouts --Carrots --Kale --Leek --Rutabaga --Spinach --Turnips   Welcome to your final week of our 2018 CSA season! We hope you've enjoyed the experience, tried a few new crops and recipes, and celebrated what the season brought us this year. I think I'll remember 2018 as the growing season of extremes—all … Continue reading Week 19 Newsletter

Week 16 Newsletter

In your box: --Arugula --Beets --Celery --Radishes --Red Onion --Salad mix --Summer squash, cucumber or eggplant --Sweet pepper --Tomatoes At this stage of the season I'm no longer planting veggies, of course, but I am still busy in the fields getting ready for the winter. As soon as I've harvested everything from a row in … Continue reading Week 16 Newsletter