This week, Lettuce makes a most welcome return to the boxes. During the height of summer’s heat, the lettuce in the field either bolted (went to seed, making the leaves bitter) or took a month-long siesta. Now that summer is long forgotten, it’s great to have green things back in the box. We have recently planted salad greens, spinach, mizuna, and arugula, which have all germinated nicely. We expect to have those for the final two or three weeks.

Remember when I said that we were out of Beans? Hopefully you’ve forgotten. The truth is, I was covering. Our dear Nina is clinically addicted to picking beans. Interventions have failed time after time, as Nina ducked out of our meetings to “powder her nose,” climbed out the window, and ran to the field to pick beans. Now that school has started, I thought for certain that she would have stopped harvesting beans. Instead, this evening as I washed potatoes and brushed onions, I was startled to hear the sound of beans snapping from plants out in the field. Indeed, Nina had forgone her scholarly responsibilities and was again picking beans, this time on a school night. So enjoy your beans, possibly for the last time (but probably not) with the knowledge that poor schoolchildren in Chaska are being deprived of a proper education so that you can have a healthy dinner.

This week marks the end of our Garlic, Carrots, and Chard for the season. We’ve got a great amount of garlic saved for planting next month, so we should have a healthy supply for next season. I’ll be sure to plant the carrots on higher soil next season. And chard is simply being passed up by other cooking greens that we haven’t had as much this season. I’m expecting Fennel and some Winter Squash as additions for next week.

We have officially moved on from the smaller early potatoes to our late season spuds this week. Our pick this time is the popular Russet Burbank variety. Any fast food french fries you’ve ever had are likely Russets, primarily because of their large size. These are also quite popular as baked potatoes, stuffed with all matter of unhealthy goodness.

  • Beans or summer squash
  • Carrots
  • Chard
  • Cucumbers
  • Garlic
  • Hot pepper
  • Lettuce (“Nevada”)
  • Parsley
  • Potatoes, Russet
  • Sweet onion
  • Sweet pepper
  • Tomatoes or tomatillos

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