Apple Blossoms, May 23
Apple Blossoms, May 23
Fields on May 23
Fields on May 23
As everyone has noticed, the weather this spring has been offensive and ridiculous. We keep bouncing from one extreme to another, none of which is particularly helpful to us poor farmers.

However, we had a strong push last week to plant seeds and set out transplants that were long overdue, and we actually caught up to our desired schedule. Of course, then came six straight days of rain and we’re back behind schedule again…. But the great news is that we finally have crops in the ground, and with today’s glorious sunshine we have thousands of tiny plants poking out of the dirt. There are millions of weeds alongside them, naturally, but we’ll deal with those in time.

We saw our first strawberry flower today, which means that we have about four weeks until our first ripe strawberry. That should line up with our first possible date for harvesting the spring crops we planted last week, so at this point we are hoping for starting CSA delivery in four weeks. For Thursday deliveries (Waconia, Victoria, Chaska, Chanhassen), this will be June 20th, while Tuesday deliveries (Excelsior, Minnetonka, Minneapolis, St. Paul) should start on June 25th. This is a week later than last year, but since our first planting was six weeks behind last year, I suppose we can’t complain too much.

I will e-mail again in 2-3 weeks to confirm that delivery date. We will also send instructions for your pickup site, along with an idea of what crops might show up that first week.

Thanks for your understanding as we work with the weather, and we’re excited to start feeding your family next month!

Enjoy the weekend,

Red, Nina, Nathan, and Jeremy

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