Spring is well underway here on the farm, with perfect weather serving to erase the memories of the cold, wet springs we’ve suffered the past two years.  I’ve been out on the tractor already this week, cultivating the fields for this year’s crops and planting a mixture of clover and grasses in fields that will be fallow this year.  Spinach, radishes, beets, and salad mix will be planted out in the field next week, with onions and carrots soon after.
The dry weather has been a bit of a concern, even though it keeps the fields ready for work.  It looks like we’re in for a wet weekend, which would be very helpful to our young fruit trees and shrubs.  Rain will also help build up reserves in the soil for the inevitable dry spells of the summer.
Thank you all for your support this season!  We have sold all of our shares for this year.  Thanks to everyone who has returned to us, and to our new members as well.  It is a great blessing to our family to have your support as we launch this season.
Best news for last–welcome baby Adam!  Nina gave birth to Adam William Kirkman on April 2nd, at 8 lb 12 oz. and 22″ long.  Adam is in great health and growing quickly, and Nina has recovered nicely (even without sleeping in two weeks!).  Big brother Nathan has been surprisingly helpful with Adam, and seems to tolerate him as long as Adam doesn’t put his trucks in his mouth.  Adam completed a rare feat this morning as he pooped all over the doctor’s office while simultaneously peeing on Nina’s head and my pants.  The innocence of children….
I will follow up in a few weeks with more on the upcoming season and specifics on our starting date and pickup instructions.  As long as this weather keeps up, it looks like we’ll be starting deliveries in early June.
Thanks again,
Red, Nina, Nathan, and Adam

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