In your box:




–Garlic, “Purple Glazer”



–Rutabaga or kohlrabi



Thanks to all the brave souls to braved the rain and chilly temperatures on Sunday for our annual Harvest Party! You never know what kind of weather we’ll get this time of year, and unfortunately the wet cold drizzle wasn’t exactly the mood we were hoping to set for our gathering. But thanks so much to everyone who came out that day!

After this week we have just two more weeks of delivery left. Our last boxes will be delivered on October 11th (for Tuesday sites) and October 13th (for Thursdays). After that I will send out a year-end survey to gather your feedback as I already start planning out our 2017 season. We hope you enjoy the final CSA boxes this season!

September is usually my favorite month of the growing season, when temperatures moderate, mosquitoes disappear, and the sky is a brilliant blue after the humidity finally subsides. The September of 2016 has been a disaster in all of those respects. The rainy pattern we kicked off in August has continued, mosquitoes stuck around until the middle of the month, and we’ve been stuck with too many cloudy, humid days for my liking. So it was a minor miracle when the weather pattern switched to what it should be on Monday morning, with a cold blue sky, a crisp wind, and a brilliant sun that chased the mosquitoes down to Texas and chased me inside for apple cider. It looks like we’re finally in for a good dry spell and the weather I love—just in time for October.

I’ve started the process of bringing in our crop of winter squash and pie pumpkins, but this week I’ll start off with their decorative cousin, Gourds. These are the only crop we provide that isn’t edible (although some of you might have labeled eggplant as inedible….). I hope to have squash or pie pumpkins for everyone for the last two boxes.

This week marks the end of our tomato harvest. Even though we still haven’t had a frost, the plants are tired and with these cooler days and shortening hours of daylight, there just isn’t much ripening going on. After a great start to the tomato harvest, we ended up losing a hundred plants to flooding in our wet August and our yield peaked much earlier than it has most years. I’m giving the peppers a week off to bulk up, and we’ll have one more harvest of those peppers in our next box.

This week brings our only crop of rutabagas for the season. Our plants this year were way too excited to grow their leafy tops, and the roots themselves didn’t all fill out as they usually do. I’ve included the greens in the box—they can be used just like kale. The roots themselves can be peeled and diced and added to any stew or soup. They’re also tasty on their own or mixed with potatoes for mashed ruta-potato.

We have a great crop of arugula in the field, and this spicy green makes up our salad contribution this week. Arugula loses its spicy character after a frost, but since we haven’t had one yet this fall it still has its characteristic heat. If the spice is too much for you, try mixing it with a lettuce salad or burying it in dressing.

Expected next week: Celery, Napa cabbage, sweet pepper, salad mix, turnips, winter squash, chard, and Brussels sprouts.

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