Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give a quick update on the farm as spring makes its very slow, very interrupted arrival.

I’ve been busy planting the first few crops of the garden year indoors–scallions, chives, garlic chives, and leeks are already setting roots and slowly emerging to look for the sun.  At this time of the year, we have so few plants started that we don’t bother to heat the whole greenhouse.  Instead, we just get these going under grow lights in our basement.  This weekend I will plant parsley, with peppers and tomatoes coming soon after that.  Even if the ground is still covered with ice and snow, it feels great to kick off the year!

I know the recent snows have been a setback for spring fever, but as a farmer the moisture is certainly appreciated.  The first half of the winter was remarkably dry, and so the snows in February and March have gone a long way to nourishing our soil and recharging our ground water supplies.  So that’s one nice thing to think about as you hunch over a shovel and try to remove this heavy, wet snow from your sidewalks!

Our CSA sign-ups are well underway, and so far about half of our spots are filled for this coming year.  We do still have many openings, so we would love to have you join this year if you haven’t already.  In case you’ve misplaced our form, you can always find it on our website: https://foxandfawnfarm.com/csa-form/

Enjoy the warm-up coming this weekend and our continued journey to spring.  I’ll follow up next month with an update on early planting and a last call to join the CSA if you haven’t already.  Thanks for your support!

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