Hi everyone–

Just wanted to check in briefly with a progress report on a very interesting year on the farm.  After the snowiest and 4th-coldest April in Minnesota history, it felt like the growing season would never come.  But as we sweat through the 2nd-warmest May in history, suddenly the first harvests are right around the corner.

The heat and humidity have made for undesirable working conditions, but I’ve been able to get enough done in the mornings to stay on track with weeding and planting.  We’ve finally had some good rains to end the drought that was holding some crops back, and overall the farm is looking pretty good.

I’m still planning to have our first delivery on June 12th for Tuesday pickup sites and June 14th for Thursday sites.  I will check in next week with specific instructions for the site you’ve chosen and to confirm those dates. But it looks like spinach, Romaine lettuce, radishes, arugula, rhubarb, kale, and komatsuna will be ready for then so we might as well get the season going!

Thanks so much to all of our new and returning members!  We’re excited to start feeding your family and we’re looking forward to our first box.

Talk to you soon.

-The Kirkmans

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