Hi everyone–

I know this is a difficult time for everyone, and the news is an unbearable barrage of sadness and despair, but I did want to provide a little sunshine in the midst of so much gloom: Spring is still on its way!  Right now we have dozens of flats of beautiful green plants growing under lights in our basement: onions, leeks, green onions, parsley, flowers, and celery are all germinating nicely and providing some welcome color to these gray days.  This weekend will bring tomatoes, peppers, kale and chard to life, and after that we’ll open up the greenhouse and start filling it up with a beautiful array of colors and smells.  The snow has nearly melted off of the fields completely and with any luck I’ll be out planting peas and spinach in just four more weeks.
Even in the middle of so much uncertainty and fear, spring is coming and with it the hope of a new season.  Our community is strong and we will emerge from this, somehow.

Our CSA season will carry on as it always has, and we’re still planning to begin delivery in mid June.  All of my seeds have already arrived, and all of the supplies and fertilizer I need for the farm should be here within the next couple weeks.  We are quite isolated here on the farm, and most of my spring is always spent in a sort of quarantine since I’m too busy to leave the farm anyways.  So unless I get sick myself, I can’t foresee any ways that this pandemic will directly affect the farm this season.

Spring will come, the harvest will start rolling in, and before long you’ll be enjoying farm fresh fruits and veggies.  And hopefully the pandemic will pass by then and we’ll be able to shake hands (or hug!) if I run into you when I drop off those first boxes.
Take care, and I’ll provide more updates in a few weeks.

-Farmer Red

ps–We have just a few shares still available.  I’m not doing much to advertise them right now, but if you know of anyone who is still interested you can let them know we’re still up and running.  Thanks!

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