Hi everyone,

Now that it looks like spring is finally here to stay, I just wanted to send an update on the CSA thus far.
The soil has been quite cold the past few weeks due to so many cold nights and cloudy days, so I’ve held off of planting so far. I’ve been filling up the greenhouse and getting all of the fields ready for planting, and it will be nice to start getting those baby plants in the ground. Thankfully the weather looks to have finally turned the corner, so I’ll be working overtime next week to plant onions, potatoes, kale, carrots, and a whole lot else.  It will be a lot at once, but I’ll be all caught up and right on track. I can’t wait to start planting this year’s garden.

So far we are still on track for starting the first delivery in mid-June, hopefully on the 15th for Tuesday sites and the 17th for Thursday pick-ups.

I will follow up in a few weeks with an exact date and much more information on the delivery site you’ve selected and how the season will work. Just wanted to let you all know that the season is moving along nicely and we can’t wait to start feeding your family!

Talk to you soon.

-Farmer Red

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