Week 7 Newsletter

In your box: Broccoli Chard Cucumber Endive Escarole Gooseberries (just a sample) Potatoes (“Yukon Gold”) Scallions Summer squash Tomato (full shares) This week brings us a couple new crops as we transition into the typical veggies of summer. The first is just a tease, but we have a meager handful of Gooseberries from our young … Continue reading Week 7 Newsletter

Week 6 Newsletter

In your box: --Beans --Broccoli --Cabbage --Cucumber or eggplant --Kohlrabi --Scallions --Summer squash --Tomato I'm the proud papa of two fine boys: Nathan (age 6) and Adam (age 3). Given the history of large farm families working together and producing as many willing workers as nature will allow, I get a lot of questions about … Continue reading Week 6 Newsletter

Week 3 Newsletter

In your box: --Garlic Scapes --Kale (“Red Russian”) –Komatsuna --Salad mix --Scallions --Spinach --Strawberries I wanted to start this week with a very important answer to the question on everyone's mind: has a bird landed on Farmer Red yet this year? Thankfully, the answer is already yes. I don't feel like I'm really doing my … Continue reading Week 3 Newsletter

Week 1 Newsletter

In your box: --Arugula –Bok Choy (“Vivid Choy”) –Head Lettuce --Kale (“Red Russian”) --Radishes --Rhubarb --Spinach Welcome to your first CSA delivery of the 2018 season! We are so excited to kick off the growing year and we hope you enjoy all of the flavors and crops that this season brings. Back in April it … Continue reading Week 1 Newsletter

May Update

Hi everyone-- Just wanted to check in briefly with a progress report on a very interesting year on the farm.  After the snowiest and 4th-coldest April in Minnesota history, it felt like the growing season would never come.  But as we sweat through the 2nd-warmest May in history, suddenly the first harvests are right around … Continue reading May Update

April Update

Hi everyone-- Just wanted to send a quick update that the farm, after an absurd start to April, is close to being on schedule.  I'm still not sure how that's possible after the snowiest April on record and what will probably be one of the ten coldest, but suddenly the fields are clear of snow … Continue reading April Update