Raphanus sativis

Radishes are a classic staple in any salad overladen with greens.  With their sharp tang and beautiful colors, they are a must in any salad.  This year we are growing three varieties.  The first, ‘Cheriette,’ was given last week and is recognizable by its red, globe shape.  This week we harvested the first of our “D’Avignon” crop, a variety originating in southern France.  These torpedo shaped radishes are pink on top and taper to a white root.  And in two weeks we hope to deliver our first “Early Scarlet Globe” variety, which is a less common cultivar with the common red skin and red flesh.  As we get into fall, we also hope to harvest some long white radishes of the Daikon variety.  These are very popular in Japan (where 15% of all vegetable production is radishes!).

Radishes do not need to be peeled, but should be scrubbed as necessary.  Try the roots raw, add them to a stir fry, steam for 8-12 minutes (not too mushy), or add them to a soup or stew.  The roots are 94% water, but they do contain minerals like potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.  The leaves are equally edible and contain higher nutrient levels.  They are a good source of vitamins A, C, and the Bs.  They are a little prickly when eaten raw, but are great steamed (but not for too long) or added to a soup or stir-fry.

Nina’s latest invention has been sandwiches of toast coated with pesto and radish slices.  So good!

From June 26, 2009 Fox & Fawn Farm Newsletter

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