• Beans
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Dill
  • Potatoes, Huckleberry
  • Sweet corn!
  • Sweet onion
  • Swiss chard
  • Summer Squash

I suppose I should start with the good news this week: I finally got some broccoli jokes! They were off of the internet and pretty terrible, but they came in via the Zettler family from our Chaska delivery site. So the other day I passed on this gem to the broccoli:


A giant piece of broccoli and three carrots are trapped inside a double boiler. “Oh, no,” says the broccoli, “The stove is lit!” A tough carrot says, “Don’t worry. Us carrots will escape from this here double boiler and then come back and save you broccoli later.” So the broccoli agrees and the carrots huddle up and launch themselves out of the pot. The carrots celebrate by going out to dig potatoes. Halfway down he bed, one of the carrots dropped his potato fork on the broccoli’s dog. The tough carrot goes, “Oh, no, we forget about the broccoli!” So, the carrots put down their potato forks and run back to the double boiler and open the lid. “Broccoli, we are so sorry that we forgot you. Also, we accidentally dropped a potato fork on your dog. You must be angry.” “‘Angry?!'” replies the broccoli. “I’m steamed!”

Now, I suppose I should have realized that the broccoli, not yet having heads, would thus be unable to hear the joke. Regardless, we continue to wait….

Thanks so much to St. Paul member Sarah Clark and the great youth group of Easter Lutheran Church in Eagan for volunteering on Thursday the 29th! We had 14 kids and 3 chaperones out for a morning of weeding, picking beans, yelling and screaming, dog-chasing, innocent flirting, and potato washing. It was so great to have such energy on the farm! Thanks again.

PLEASE RETURN YOUR BOXES! Hopefully putting that in all capital letters will do the trick. We are off to a terrible start as box-returning members. Our half-share boxes cost $1.40 each, and the full share boxes are $1.70 each. We have only budgeted 3 boxes per member, so missing boxes drive up our cost considerably.

And I should probably talk about the veggies this week, as this is indeed a produce program and not a mere newsletter for jokes and condemnation… We have full-sized onions now! Scallions were fun and cute, but we now move into the season of large, sweet onions. All of the green top growth is edible, and adds a scallion-like taste to dishes. The onions should be kept fresh in the fridge until we start giving out storage onions (we’ll let you know).



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