Greetings all,
I’ve had a couple of inquiries about our CSA start date, and I realized I haven’t been in touch lately.  I suppose I’ve been waiting for good news, and we finally have some.  This has been perhaps the worst spring weather imaginable, short of natural disasters.  After one of Minnesota’s top 5 snowiest winters ever, we had below average temperatures in March-May with consistent doses of heavy rain.  This led to a lot of surface water that simply wouldn’t disappear, no matter how much I yelled at it.  With the fields a soupy mess, our first day of tractor work in the field was in early May, some six weeks after 2010 and about three weeks behind average. Since then, our wet May has kept us from putting a lot of crops in the field on schedule.
But enough whining….  Following the sunny, dry pattern we’ve had since Memorial Day, we are finally caught up on planting and are eagerly anticipating all of the weeds that are sure to pop up shortly.  Our strawberries are in full flower, suggesting a great crop of goodness by late June.  As such, we can finally plan on a first delivery:  Friday members can pick up on June 24, with Tuesday deliveries starting June 28.  This is a week later than last year and two weeks later than we had hoped for, but after such a dreary spring we’re just happy to have a delivery planned at all!  In your first box, you can expect salad mix, spinach, arugula, mustard greens, radishes, turnips, and strawberries.  Into July, plan on adding peas, beets, mizuna, and bok choy to the mix, along with recipes for some of these lesser known crops.
On our next rainy day, I’ll e-mail everyone again with directions for your delivery site.  We will also be in touch with a reminder a day or two before our first harvest.
Thank you all for your patience.  We’re still expecting a great year, especially once the crops we’ve planted catch up and beg you to eat them!  Let us know if you have any questions, and otherwise we’ll be in touch within a week or two.

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