Hi everyone,

Just wanted to check in about our progress here on the farm as the calendar rolls over to summer.

Overall, the farm is looking really good.  We’ve had great germination for all of our spring greens and the early roots and I’ve really been able to stay on top of the weeds thus far.  Strawberries are putting on an impressive show of flowers, which has me optimistic about our berry crop in a few weeks.

“The Garden” — Lots of good things; not many weeds





The main downer so far this season was the cruel freeze we had in mid-May.  We dipped into the 20’s on consecutive nights, May 14th and 15th.  We would have been ok with just a frost, but the freeze burnt all the leaves off our our young cabbage, kale, broccoli, chard, and Brussels sprouts plants.  The good news is that most of them have recovered and only 20% of the plants died outright.  The bad news is that they had to regrow all of their leaves and more than start over, so at this point I’m uncertain as to whether the broccoli and cabbage will recover in time to yield any produce this year.  But we do plant these again for the fall, so we should still have some of these great veggies at some point this year.

The other hardship is the abundance of cold, cloudy, wet days we’ve had this spring.  I thought we were in a for a great spring when March warmed up nicely, but overall we’ve been stuck in a pattern more appropriate for Seattle.  The absence of sunshine has slowed down the overall growth in the garden, but thankfully the rain has been rather minor so we haven’t had any flooding this year.

Now it looks like the weather is about to change dramatically, with several days in the 90’s coming up.  This should be a great jump-start for the growth of everything (weeds included, unfortunately) but I’m not sure it will be enough to kick off this CSA season as early as I had hoped.  As of now I’m planning to delay the start of the season by one week, providing your first veggies on June 21st and 23rd.  We will still complete an 18 week season and wrap up in October.

I will follow up by Friday with exact start dates and with more info about how and where to pick up your CSA box when the season does begin.  In the meantime, I’ll be getting all the work done that I can before temperatures soar on Thursday.  Stay cool and have a great week!

-Farmer Red

Dying weeds among very happy scallions

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