Hi everyone,

Just wanted to check in with an an update as the farm season quickly moves upon us. The mountains of snow that seemed invincible just a couple of weeks ago have rapidly melted down to random piles of dirty ice, allowing the sun to finally reach through to our garden fields and begin the process of slowly thawing out. Thankfully our farm sits on a relatively high and stable elevation, with snowmelt running off toward marshes on the north and west of us. Those marshes are completely inundated with water, but our fields will be drying out nicely over the next couple weeks.

We’re still a few weeks out from working in the fields at all, but I’m already busy with starting plants. I don’t have too many plants started in March, so at the beginning of the season I just keep them in our basement under grow lights. So far I have planted onions, leeks, celery, celeriac, tomatoes, parsley, kale and chard. But over the next couple weeks I’ll be adding dozens of greenhouse flats full of early season crops, so this weekend I will transition all of our plants out to the greenhouse so they can start receiving true sunlight.

Thanks so much to all of our new and renewing members! We’ve had a great response to our CSA this year, and at this point we have just 20 shares still available. If you were with us in the past and would like to rejoin, it’s not too late! Just fill out our form on our website and we’d love to have you with us ( https://foxandfawnfarm.com/join-our-csa/ ) We also appreciate referrals if you know of anyone that might be interested in joining for the year.

I’ll continue to check in with our members over the next couple months as I finally start planting in the ground and get closer to providing fresh veggies from our farm. Can’t wait!

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