Hi everyone–

Just wanted to check in with a progress report as we flip the calendar from a very wet April to a May that we all hope will bring some more sunshine!Even with the cloudy and cool weather we’ve had lately, I’ve been busy getting things ready for the season.  Our greenhouse is nearly full to capacity, the compost I’ll be applying to the fields at the end of the season is all turned and breaking down, and fertilizer has been spread on the field to help our crops grow as soon as they can be planted.  This is the time of year I would ideally be planting potatoes and onions and some spring greens (none of which are bothered by frost), but unfortunately the soil is still much too wet to start working.  There’s no huge rush to get them planted–it just means a lot more work all at once when things do dry out.

For now I’m plenty busy as I look forward to starting the season!  Thanks so much to everyone for your support this year!  The sun will come out soon and we’ll be eating farm-fresh lettuce and tomatoes before we know it. 

I will check in again in a couple weeks with another update and an estimate of our first delivery date.  I’ll also have more details on your delivery site as we get closer to that first box.Thanks again–looking forward to a great season!

-Farmer Red
ps–we do still have just 4 more shares that are still available.  If you know of anyone who might be interested, please give them a nudge before it’s too late.  Thanks!

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