Hi everyone,

I have tried extensively and exhaustingly to compose this CSA update without complaining about the weather, but in the end it’s simply not possible.

The weather is awful. May has been a month the ceaseless rain, cold temperatures, frost (!) on May 20th, complete lack of sunshine, and an absurd amount of mud. I’ve only had three days all season of field work, when I would average 20-30 at this point in a good year. 

But all is not lost! The farm is hanging in there, I’ve been able to get out in the field for planting on two occasions so far, I kept everything sheltered from the frost last week, and I’m only a week behind schedule despite the weather. Germination has been strong and the weeds have been slow to take over since it’s been so cold. As of now we haven’t lost any crops due to flooding or disease, and if the weather finally turns around we can still have a great season. Farmers have to be as optimistic as we are curmudgeonly….

I’m currently hoping to start the season on June 18th (for Tuesday sites) and 20th (for Thursday pickups). The first few boxes will be light but I’ll be thankful to start eating and harvesting from the fields! I will send more information on your delivery site in a couple weeks and write to confirm that date for first delivery as soon as I know with greater certainty.

Thanks so much for your support this season! We’re looking forward to the bounty of the season just as soon as the weather finally turns around.

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