• Beets
  • Collards
  • Cucumbers or summer squash or melon or eggplant
  • Fennel
  • Hot pepper
  • Lettuce or Broccoli
  • Red onion
  • Sweet onion
  • Sweet pepper
  • Tomatoes or tomatillos
  • Winter squash (Spaghetti or Butternut)
Fall Festival is coming soon! Saturday, September 25  

We would love to have everyone out to the farm next Saturday for a celebration of the harvest and the end of the CSA season (so we still have three weeks left, but we learned our lesson when it snowed on our October festival last year). Come see the fields, the farm, the farmers, and your fellow CSA members!


  • Vegetable carving contest with large, heavy prizes!

  • Pick up your jack-o-lantern (while supplies last)

  • Really dangerous hayrides

  • Nametags!

  • Potluck starting at 6pm

Stop by any time between 3pm and bedtime

Our farm is located at 17250 County Road 122, in New Germany. I suppose we don’t have to give directions any more, what with the internet and all…. But most of you will come via Highway 7. Go past both round-abouts and turn north on Hwy 33, away from New Germany. Go north for two miles and then take a right on County Road 122. We are the second farm on the left, with the old brick house and the sign out front. (If you are coming from the Cities, Mapquest might send you on I-394 to Hwy 12—this is also a good way to go).

Give us a call with questions: 952.353.1762

We hope to see you here!

About half of you will open your boxes to find my greatest accomplishment of the season thus far: Broccoli! Our cursed spring planting never did produce anything, but our fall crop is coming in now. Many of the heads on the plants are still quite small, so some of you will have to wait a week or two until they all grow to size. I’m sure there’s some great life lesson about perseverance and all things in their time and not planting stupid broccoli, but I’m not going to be the one to make it.

This week we distribute the last of our Red Onions, which are comically small. Thankfully, however, they do not ooze pus on your hands when you pick them up. Some of them oozed pus onto my hands, which was disgusting. They are now oozing in the compost pile. We are also finishing our Sweet onions, many of which also oozed pus. If I ever smell or stick my finger in onion pus again I will look into a job in a cubicle. We will alternate Leeks and storage onions for the last three weeks in place of these sweeties. They do not ooze pus.

For the first time since July 9, there are no Potatoes in your box. I had been wanting to give everyone a week off of them for a few weeks now, and I was finally given reason to when we received 1 ¾” of rain on Wednesday, leaving the fields much to soggy to dig in. I don’t know that I could have stuffed them in the box, anyway, with the winter squash taking up so much box space this week. Everyone received either a Spaghetti (yellow) or a Butternut (tan) variety this week. I spend the whole farm season eating things that I wish were winter squash. But they are not. There is no finer food in all of God’s creation.

Speaking of things that are not winter squash and are not finer than winter squash, we are sending out fennel this week. Our earlier planting of fennel failed, so this is all we have for the season. Fennel is a close relative of carrots, parsley, parsnips, and celery, but its taste is much like anise or licorice. The greens can be added to dishes or dried for use this winter. The bulbs are best chopped fine and fed to your enemies (oh no! I’ve accidentally revealed the one crop we grow that I cannot stand). It can be a little challenging to use (especially for me), but it is very versatile and can be used in many kinds of dishes.


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